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Jaks Tibetans fleeing to Nepal Tingri 2000 Everest North face
Everest 1992 South face C1 6.100 Everest 1992 South Face C2 6.400 K2 Sperone Abruzzi C1 6.100 K2 Sperone Abruzzi C1 6.100 Edmond J
K2 1998 Porters K2 1998 Sperone Abruzzi Edmond Joyeusaz 7.700 K2 1998 Sperone Abruzzi Edmond Joyeusaz-Abele Blanc 7.500 K2 1998 Edmond Joyeusaz Cesen
K2 1998 Edmond Joyeusaz - Marco Barmasse C2 6.700 Kathmandù Cho Oyu 2000 Trek Kathmandù
Kathmandù Cho Oyu 2000 Jak Shisha Pangma 1999 Trek Broad Peak from K2 BaseCamp
Jaks Shisha Pangma 1999 Tibet everest 1992 C1 6.100
Tibet Trango Towers Chogolisa o Bride Peak 7.664 Aiguille de Rochefort  4001 Mt.
Tibet Tibet Tibet Rongbuk Glacier
Everest North wind Pumori & Francesco Civra Dano Everest North face C1 6.100 Everest Hornbein Itinerary
Khumbutse 6.665 Khumbutse6.665Lingtren6.749La ValléePeak6.535 MountainWithoutName6.910 Lingtren6.749Khumbutse6.665 from LaValléePeak6.535-
Everest8.847Lhotze8.501Nuptze7.861Khumbutse6.665 Everest North C16.100 Everest North Face Gianluca Marra & Francesco Civra Dano Edmond Joyeusaz Climbs La Vallée Peak 6.535
Everest North Face Francesco Civra Dano Lingtren 6.749 La Vallée Peak 6.535 Pumori & Jak Grandes Jorasses & Monte Rosa
Grand Combin Brenva Ridge Col della Brenva Rochefort Ridge
Kuffner Ridge Aiguille de Trèlatete Peuterey Ridge Mont Blanc
Aig. Noire-Aig. Blanche Prayer flags Maudit Ridge Grandes Jorasses 4.208 mt.
Tibet Peuterey Ridge Vallée Blanche Dome Miage
Grandes Jorasses Bramaputra Nangpa La Pass 5806 mt. Bill Houes K21998

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